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The Consummate Consumer

Freedom’s an illusion for the delusional
Prison, a romantic justification
To help the hard-lucked hold through harrowing times
Those cowboy movies look like a confessional
And television like a lust plantation
To help the weak-willed stand through holiday lines

The consummate consumer is a patriotic contour
Of the half blind, half dead, half machine moneymaking tumor
Please don’t let my wallet break my back like a poor chicken’s neck
Don’t want to support terrorists so I’ll shovel out my checks
America, America, God shed his/her grace on thee
The father, the son, the credit line, for me all three will bleed
We’re looking for the next great American Martyr, vote now
You’re odd, like “reality” shows, forced, rigged and ratings endowed

--Ray Swaney
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