Joel MacKay (poeming) wrote in subterraneans,
Joel MacKay


the Beat Generation died away.

where was I when all that great shit went down?
where was I - concealed/unthought
where am I now that all this great shit’s going down?
I’m here - but don’t recognize it.

the beat goes on, they say
but secretly believe the beat is dead.
I tell you the beat is alive…

after the Beat Generation died away,
came the flower children.

but they’ve all gone the way of the S.U.V.
or have escaped into the woodlands of
upstate NY

flower power is dead, they say
but secretly know that it can never die
it is here
it’s in I

after the Flower Children died away,
came the disco age.
it’s dead -- it always was, really

beat, though, lives on.
It lives in simplicity.
In sparsity.
In silence.
In lives on in peace.
In the prosperity of poverty.
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