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two poems

very few of you have held my heart in your hands
each and every one has tormented it and thrown it back.

i've reopened old wounds and created new ones
it had nothing to do with you.
i wept at how much i despise what i've done
let myself get hurt. so often...

to call someplace "home"
would be... indescribable.

to call someone "mine"
would be... unimaginable.

i'm told to hang in there and keep this chin up,
that someday i'll get there. so i tell you in return
that someday will never happen.

"new to me"
seemed the right thing to say
at the time
But I was wrong again. Certainly
not the first time.
staring at the pages
Not seeing what's written.
Melancholy? -yes. Again. Again.
Say it once more: you care?
shocking. Too bad I
Never noticed. But stay over there-
That way you can't hear
my thoughts so well. Fool to think...
Must I hang my head and know
that I realized everything
all too late?
No chance now.
seemed the right thing to say
at the time.
Such a fool.

by the way... new member, hope this community isn't dead... cause, well, a beat poetry community sounds wonderful. enjoy and please comment : )
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